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United as protectors of peace and a force of justice against the unlawful, the Rangers of Celidon strive to develop Albion into a land where great powers rise through mastery of planning, effort, and loyalty. A ranger, by his own will, is honorable, vigilant and respectful; ready to show mercy and act against tyranny. We understand that real life comes first, but when rangers play, we are a dedicated brotherhood, living by a code to make Albion safer for all.

Our Golden Rule is ‘Play Honorably’ if you simple do that all the rules will be followed. According to the Oxford Dictionary:

Honor is adherence to what is right
or to a conventional standard conduct.

Thus to play honorable is to follow our Oath, because it is our standard of conduct.

The Oath
I will be Vigilant and aid all innocent travelers.
I will be honorable in my behavior.
I will show mercy and kill only when left with no option.
I am a Ranger of Celidon.

So our purpose is to aid ‘all innocent travelers’ but how will we do that?
We will patrol the forest of Celidon, hunting down and executing bandits (gankers), primarily in small 3 man teams called Stalkers. These teams will operate within a zone, independently making decisions, accountable for all their actions. They are well equipped experts in counter ganking and positioning.
We will conquer territories in Celidon. Time has shown us that the majority of ganking will be done by guilds that own territories in that zone, because the territories provide protection from zeros, gear storage, and easy respawn locations for the gankers. Owning these territories will provide us with economic backing and hinder gankers.
Joining the ROC


  1. Read this document, the ROC General Handbook completely.
  2. Remember your Albion Character name. Every place you have a username or display name it is REQUIRED to match your character name.
  3. Submit an application here below.

If you were accepted

  1. Then you will have received a comment on your application with unique links.
  2. Remember your Albion Character name. Every place you have a username or display name it is REQUIRED to match your character name.
  3. Sign up and install Discord here:
  4. Join our Discord Server with the unique link included in the email.
  5. Relocate to Lymhurst City
  6. Post this into general chat: @Officer I need a invite in game
  7. If you don't get a response then re post it once in a while and try asking in general voice chat. Our Way

The Oath
I will be Vigilant and aid all innocent travelers.
I will be honorable in my behavior.
I will show mercy and kill only when left with no option.
I am a Ranger of Celidon.

The Purpose
We will provide protection for peaceful travelers within Celidon.
We will be fair in our dealings and help our friends, allies and the truly downtrodden.
We will maintain our honor and nobility through times of war and injustice.
We will enjoy one another’s company and go out of our way to help each other.

The Method
We will plan ahead and reach our goals.
We will keep our rules simple and just.
We will maintain a positive, professional, and hardworking attitude.
We will hold each member accountable to their word and our ways.
We will plan for conflicts.

The Rules

  • No vulgar language, swearing, or suggestive conduct. This applies to all members of all ages and ranks.
  • No hacking or cheating. You are not allowed to violate Albion Online’s User Agreement.
  • No random player killing, except if the person is an Outlaw or in an unrestricted pvp zone or he is in the Outlands. And even then killing is to be avoided
  • No camping of a defeated, or knocked-down character, even an enemy, for the purpose of killing them again.
  • No spying or stealing or dishonorable behavior.
  • No kill stealing or node jumping (griefing/stealing).
  • No begging.

Standard Operation

Every Sunday there are 2 general meetings. You are asked to attend 1 of them. The meeting time will be posted on the Saturday before in Announcements but usually they will be the same week to week. At 15:00 UTC is the first meeting, the second is at 1:00 UTC the following day (9pm EST).

You are not allowed to speak unless called upon. During the meeting discussion is encouraged in general chat. If someone responds to you then you may respond to them.

Official events will be posted in #announcements. But life is crazy and doesn't like schedules so often just being in general voice chat whenever you are playing will get you grouped up with others in t6 red zone dungeon or black zone gathering. Members with a dark green name are Captains and can plan formal events (events that may offer a reward or specific purpose) but anyone can try to get a group together for something.

Ranks are based on your time in the guild and your highest tier on the destiny board. They are also part of the standard requirements for some positions. There are 6 ranks.

-Advancement Approval
This simple means someone in the Officer Administration or higher says that you have been active and obey the rules.

The taxes you pay go directly toward your benefit. The income generated by guild taxes allows us to upgrade our Guild Island, sustain and improve buildings, and fund guild events like raids and contests. All of these things are important for success in the lands of Albion.

-Guild Tax: This is the tax that is taken out of the silver you pick up throughout the world of Albion. Slaying the wild inhabitants of Albion, discovering chests, or picking up the silver off of fallen companions all takes a cut for the guild tax. This tax is not taken from sales on the Auction House, Black Market, or private exchanges among other individuals.

-Station Tax: This is the tax that is collected as you use a particular station in town or on the guild island. A guild owned station will charge a small fee in order to craft or refine materials. The reason is each time a station is used to craft or refine it uses some of its nutrition stockpile. If a station decreases its nutrition level to 0% it will no longer be usable until fed. The Station Tax is used to buy food for its buildings through buy orders on the GAH, allowing you to exchange farming for free building usage.

Guild Auction House
We have an active internal economy that operates at a lower exchange rate that is price fixed each week (that means that the average price of a item in Lymhurst is determined each week and that is the maximum price of a item on the market. You are only allowed to buy what you can use immediately and cannot keep more then is reasonable. Buying up tons of items or selling items bought from the GAH at the Lymhurst auction house is illegal and may be considered an act of war.